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Fio Man found dead at small house’s HOUSE after abandoning wife and kids

man found dead at small house after abandoning wife and kids

A 38 year old man from Highfields in Harare was found dead at his lodgings where he was cohabiting with his small house.

The deceased, Proud Kambembe, allegedly left his wife and two kids to cohabit with Mauline Murangwanwa. While circumstances leading to his death are still hazy, Proud was reported dead by his girlfriend, Mauline who is alleging of the illicit brew, musombondiya.

The deceased’s neighbours have a different theory as they suspect that he could have succumbed to an attack that had occurred on the eve of his death. Deputy police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed that the police were investigating a case of a Highfield man who was found dead while they were also waiting for the post mortem.

“We are investigating a case of a man who was found dead in Highfield. The previous night he is said to have gone for drinking binge only to be found dead on Friday. We are waiting for post mortem results”.

Proud was allegedly found with a bottle of an illlicit brew on his chest while neighbours believe it was a plot to make police believe that he had died because of alcohol abuse while he had been attacked the previous night? There was a lot of noise coming from their place and it sounded as if somebody was attacking him.

“I really do not know who he was fighting with or who was attacking him but there was so much noise until around 2am on Friday. Then to just wake up to the news that he has been found dead in his room boggles one’s mind. Somebody should tell us what happened to him. We cannot have such a community where someone is found dead with a coincidence of a fight the previous night,” said one of the neighbours.

Mauline told H-Metro that she had not shared the same room with the deceased for two nights preceding his death adding that she had been chased from their lodgings by the deceased.

She disputed that there had been an attack at the place arguing that she had gone to bed early that night and had slept with her landlady after the eviction. The 23 year old girlfriend argued that her lover could have been killed by the illicit brew that he constantly abused.

“He chased me two days ago and I only discovered this morning that he was dead. I was not even sure that he was dead so I had to ask one of my neighbours to check on him when I found his motionless body in the morning. He abused that illlicit brews such that I won’t be surprised if he eventually succumbed to the abuse. Before the eviction, he beat me so hard and chased me from the room where I found him dead. For two nights I had been sleeping with the landlady and I only discovered his body in the morning when I tried to sneak in to take my clothes,” she said.

The land lady, who preferred not to be named, concurred that she had been sleeping in the same room with Mauline after she was chased by her lover adding that she had not heard any noise the previous night as their neighbor claim.

“She has been sleeping in my room after the eviction. I last saw him yesterday (Thursday) I think around 6pm and I was only informed today after I had left for work that he had died. Munhu aingonwa musombodhiya asi kuti ndizive kuti akafa nei handingazivi”.

Another mole told H-Metro that the man could have been attacked by hired thugs the previous night adding that they had also heard noise presumably of a fight the eve before he was found dead. “God knows what happened to him, but we heard noise coming from his place before waking up to the news of his death.

Source-H Metro