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How Zimbabweans Fight Comedy Style – Watch


So our people are taking cyber bullying to a whole new extreme and it’s quite disheartening. There are many groups on social media that are being formulated just to bash different people, simply because we don’t either understand them or we don’t like them.

Don’t get us wrong, not everyone is expected to get along, however the rate at which the bullying online is going in the Zimbabwean community, is leading to many disheartened lives. Many people are being targeted on a daily basis and it has come to a point where we now have to think twice before posting anything on our own personal profiles; even if it is positive with the fear that we will be judged negatively.

This is what we aim to depict in this video. What ends up happening most of the time is that as rude and obnoxious people are towards each other on social media , when they meet in person it ends up just being super chill. Either they act like all is well or they just ignore each other in public; after all the threats and remarks they would have made about what they would do to each other online. Shuta hopes that cyber bullying comes to a stop as we never know what will push somebody over the edge…treat others as you would like to be treated.